Java Jing-a-Ling

Maybe it’s wrong of me to feel this way. I don’t know. But when a painting of mine attracts attention, it excites me! I suppose it’s a form of validation.

My 2009 painting
Java-Jing-a-Ling is just such an example. As far as my work goes, it is small--only 22”x28”, but it has gotten a lot of recent attention. First it was selected to be the cover of Volume 33 Issue Number 4 of the New England Review of Literature. This is a quality publication of Middleburg College in Middleburg, Vermont. This is the second of my paintings that has been selected to grace the covers of their magazine. My 2007 painting, Ripples, was used on the cover of the Volume 31 Issue Number 3 of the same publication.

Java Jing-A-Ling Java Jing-a-Ling

More recently,
Java Jing-a-Ling was included as a full-page illustration in the new book, Complete Guide to Painting in Acrylics, by Lorena Kloosterboer of Antwerp, Belgium. This was published in England in two versions. One is for England and Australia, and one is for the United States of America and Canada. Later this year it will published in Dutch for the Dutch-speaking market. To have been selected from worldwide artists is extremely flattering and a huge honor! This great book is a necessity for beginning painters as well as for the very experienced artist. It was obviously a monumental undertaking and should sell like crazy.

10391441_10202591874592697_2618011811533288300_n The cover of the book for distribution in England and Australia