Ripples selected as cover

A painting I completed in 2005, Ripples, was selected to be the cover of the next issue of New England Review magazine, a high-quality literary publication of Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont. The October issue, due to be published in the next few weeks will feature a section of the painting as its cover. Each issue is a wealth of poetry, prose and drama by authors from around the world. The magazine has used the work of other abstract artists on each of its covers throughout its existence. There is a strong possibility that more of my work will be used on future covers. I’ll keep you posted.

This is from their website and describes the publication and its mission:
"Over the past 30 years, New England Review has established itself as one of the nation's most distinguished literary journals, a publication that encourages lively artistic exchange and innovation. Presenting work in a wide variety of genres by writers both new and established, each 200-page issue ranges over an unusually comprehensive literary spectrum. You’ll find highly accomplished traditional narratives as well as challenging experiments in style and form, poetry and works of drama of the highest quality, translations of works from many languages and time periods, far-reaching essays on art and literature, and rediscoveries from our cultural past. In sum, you can be sure that what you'll find in NER will not be replicated elsewhere. As our readers have remarked, each issue is rich and distinctive, a book that you'll keep coming back to."

It is coincidence that Ripples is used as the home image on my own website. The painting itself is in a private collection in Lynchburg, Virginia. It was rendered in acrylics on stretched canvas and is 36”x36” in size. I was inspired to paint this when I stood on the beach at Myrtle Beach and watched the waves lightly lapping over the sand at my feet. The churning of the water created bubbles of various sizes. Of course I had to add my own touch when I painted it.

Copies of the publication are available at Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores. Watch this space for news on how to order a copy of the magazine when it is available.