What is included in the 50% off sale?

I’ve been asked by several people for a list of paintings that are available for the 50% off sale. I’ve decided to provide the answer here and direct people’s request for information here for answers. Let me say for sure that the prices I am showing here are the actual asking prices before the sale. If you find a painting from the Recent Paintings page, remember the title and check here to see if it’s included. Or maybe you can print this page as a reference while you look over the paintings.

I will not update this page as paintings are sold, so your selection may already be unavailable. A quick email to me will let you know if a given item is still available.

Title Size Price before sale
16 Dots 28”x28” $300
25 Dots 35”x35” $400
36 Dots 42”x42” $600
49 Dots 49”x49” $900
Andromeda 36”x48” $900
Appalachian Sunset 24”x48” $500
Approaching From the West 36”x36” $650
Are We Here Yet? 36”x36” $650
Autumn Nocturne 36”x36” $650
Big Top 28”x22” $325
Bluesbreakers 36”x36” $650
Bright Outlook 36”x36” $650
Bugaloo Down Broadway 36”x36” $650
Confetti 36”x36” $650
Do Not Seek the Treasure 37”x37” $650
Dominant Attraction 36”x36” $650
Encode 22”x28” $325
Flower of My Discontent 36”x36” $650
Graffiti #2 48”x36” $900
Graffiti #3 36”x36” $650
Graffiti #4 36”x36” $650
Gridlock 37”x37” $650
Inner Light 18”x36” $250
Java Jing-A-Ling 22”x28” $325
Mardi Gras 36”x36” $650
Mojo Filter 36”x36” $650
Not Now or Never? 48”x36” $900
October Spice 36”x36” $650
Ollie 48”x48” $1200
Patchwork 36”x36” $650
Perspective 36”x36” $650
Rainstick 36”x36” $650
Romario 48”x48” $1200
Rooftop Fantasy 36”x48” $900
Ruckus #2 36”x36” $650
Rumble #2 36”x36” $650
Rumble 36”x36” $650
Rumpus 36”x36” $650
Sea of Tranquility 36”x36” $650
Seeing Red 36”x36” $450
Seen from an Imaginary Hubble 36”x48” $900
Sounds of Spring 34”x34” $600
Square Deal 18”x36” $250
Stairway to Nowhere 36”x24” $450
Stars & Stripes Forever 48”x36” $650
Structured Chaos #59 36”x36” $650
Structured Chaos #60 36”x36” $650
Summertime 36”x36” $650
Sunday Afternoon 28”x22” $325
Tapestry 18”x36” $250
Timequake 72”x36” $1350
To Gellett 48”x36” $650
Two Tone 28”x22” $325
Visions of Johanna 48”x48” $900
Wildflowers of Mars-Pg 63 18”x36” $250
Wormhole 28”x22” $325

There will be shipping and handling charges in addition to the above prices for those items to be shipped. Those will be generally in the $30-40 range, but may vary from that.

Thank you for your interest.