Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra commission

Last year I was flattered and honored to have been selected to convert a standard violin into a work of art. Not your usual commission. This was to be auctioned at the Valentine’s Day concert as a fund-raiser for the orchestra. I was one of eight to have been selected. Here is my statement concerning my approach to the project:

I would characterize my normal artwork as colorful, geometric, hard-edged and playful. So when I was asked to paint a violin, I was intent on maintaining this signature look. I had never undertaken a project such as this, nor had I even thought about such an undertaking.

The unusual shape of a violin doesn’t lend itself to my most normal approach of dividing the space into colorful shapes.

What to do?

And then it hit me! Many happy occasions are accompanied by the release of hundreds of colorful balloons that climb into the beautiful blue sky, dancing in the breeze as they go! They are certainly hard-edged, colorful and geometric. A perfect fit!

Here is
Balloon-acy, executed in acrylic paint--my contribution to the fund-raising efforts of the Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra.

These are the completed violins:

 The Brio String Quartet & Artisan Violin Auction-2